Empowering Bright Minds

Generation I is a social hub designed by young professionals for young professionals, where bright minds from a multitude of industries and backgrounds converge to share unique stories and experiences

/Generation • I/

[n.] An identity given to those who dare to initiate through actions or words, able to process ideas and information in an intelligent way, and eager to expand their circle of influence. It is a distinctive group of individuals who are about to take on the challenges of tomorrow.

About Gen. I

Up until now, young professionals had often felt underrepresented and disconnected.

Gen. I was founded with a mission to provide recognition for those who embody the entrepreneurial spirit and a growth mindset. We uncover the unique and interesting personalities within young professionals in our society.

The "I" in Gen. I represents initiators, intellects, and influencers. By bringing these people together, we are able to provide opportunities beyond simply networking.

Our 3 Pillars

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Gen. I brings visibility to its members and offers actual opportunities to develop their personal branding

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Curated Community

This by-invitation-only community brings in brilliant minds across 30+ industries and sectors to create long-lasting connections and opportunities

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Mentorship Experience

Have the opportunity to develop your influence by becoming a mentor for the future generation of young leaders

Firestarter Panels

Gen. I offers a unique opportunity for you to show everyone who you really are.

Join up 3 other panelists in sharing your personal story and experience, speaking on your area of expertise, or simply representing your company in front of an audience of like-minded people. Expect to step out of your comfort zone, and expect a round of applause.

Meet The Experts

Gen. I connects members with the brands and companies that they care about.

This is a community-driven movement where members can vote on who they would like to meet and we invite them over for high quality learning and interaction.

Mentoring Committee

Mentoring is a two-way street.

The best version of mentorship happens when both partners are open to learning from each other. When you share what you know, at the same time you also discover what you might not know.


Gen. I is all about its community.

With members from vastly different backgrounds, Gen. I is a vibrant community which provides ample opportunities for members to connect with each other through events and meetups.

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